Olympic Torches

The Olympics are upon us again!  With the games come the many collectors and collections that are shared by collectors from all over the globe.  Pins, posters, mugs, jackets, you name it; if the Olympic rings are on it, someone is going to collect it. One of the more challenging collections to complete however is that of the Olympic torches.  It is said that there are only two people in the world that have all 37 torches.  The collecting of torches is a very expensive hobby.

Lucky Burke, a 66 year old CEO of a Houston flooring company, owns 32 torches.  Burke loves his collection and claims he will never sell it. His rarest torch is from the 1992 Albertville Winter Games.  Price tag? $70,000. Continue reading “Olympic Torches”

Scripophily: The Art of Collecting Stocks & Bonds

Dealers from all over the world and collectors who are interested in Scripophily will be attending the 17th Annual International Stock and Bond Show in Herndon on January 26 and 27 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel near Dulles Airport on 2200 Centerville Road.

“If anybody has stock certificates, they can bring them to find out their value. People have them and don’t know they may have a value,” said Bob Kerstein, the “Old Stock Detective” and founder of Scripophily.com.

The show will have thousands of historical and artistic stock and bond certificates, autographs, paper money documents, and much more. Continue reading “Scripophily: The Art of Collecting Stocks & Bonds”

How to Begin Collecting Rare Books

What’s the difference between a personal library and a book collection? Simply put, a personal library includes books that have been acquired in a variety of ways and doesn’t have a particular theme or subject matter.  A book collection, however, is a far more focused exhibition of a specific type of book, usually of a certain quality.  In addition to being a hobby, collecting rare books is also a passion and even an art form. Here are five tips to get you started!

Collect what excites and inspires you.

Continue reading “How to Begin Collecting Rare Books”

Sixth Annual Black Comic Book Festival

c/o New York Amsterdam News

Starting at 10 a.m. Jan. 12 and 13, the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture will be hosting the sixth annual Black Comic Book Festival. The BCBF will be showcasing the latest works from independent Black comic book artists and writers.  This year the BCBF will be hosting a cosplay show, workshops, competitions, film screening and panel discussions on social issues and society’s image of the Black male masculinity, along with a limited edition sixth anniversary program book, festival T-shirts and exclusive content from Lexus and Marvels’ “Black Panther: Soul of A Machine.”  Attendees are welcome to wear cosplay costumes. Continue reading “Sixth Annual Black Comic Book Festival”

Are You A Pinhead?

Whatever you are passionate about. guaranteed there’s a pin for it! Like stamps, cars, and coins, lapel pin collecting can be both a fun and profitable hobby.  It also a great way to meet people from all over the world.  Major world events, such as the Olympics or Comic Conventions, bring pinheads from all over the globe together to meet up and trade pins. Continue reading “Are You A Pinhead?”