The Face of Louis Vuitton’s Smartwatch Is a Watch Collector

Meet LuHan, also known as “The Chinese Justin Bieber”.  He is featured in Louis Vuitton’s campaign for their new smartwatch, the Tambour Horizon.  Turns out that Luhan is not only the face of the LV’s timepiece, he collects watches as well.

His collection ranges from an Apple watch valued at $422 to the Richard Mille, valued at $588,000. Continue reading “The Face of Louis Vuitton’s Smartwatch Is a Watch Collector”

Turning A Hobby Into A Business

Sherry Ireland LOVES Persian rugs; so much so that she has turned her passion of collecting these magnificent rugs into a business.  The owner of Dragonfly Rugs & Yoga believes Persian rugs are the centrepiece of the home. She must be onto something because her collection of over 200 rugs has drawn clients from all over to her shop in Holton, Kansas.

“This is basically a hobby gone wild,” Ireland said.

Authentic, vegetable dyed, vibrant, hand-knotted Persian rugs are surprisingly affordable and come in all sizes and patterns. Continue reading “Turning A Hobby Into A Business”

Millennial Car Collecting

According to the largest insurer of collectible cars, Hagerty Insurance, for the first time in history, millennials (the generation born between 1976 and 1995) are responsible for more collectible car activity than the pre-baby-boom generation.  Millennials enjoy cars, but it’s the type of vehicles that piques their interest that causes one to take pause. Continue reading “Millennial Car Collecting”