Arleen SorkinThank you for visiting Come See My Stuff. This site has been inspired by everyone that has no choice but to keep their stuff in a box, by all the estate sales I have gone to and people’s collections that they lovingly and painstakingly collected at the end of their lives being thrown in a box and sold. This site is inspired by the people that come to see me at the Comicon conventions & that collect the character that I do the voice for.

This site is inspired by my friend who got married and was told by his new wife that he couldn’t have all the stuff he had collected in their house. In Citizen Kane there is a scene where he says, “Rose bud.” The thing that was the most important to him at the end of his life was his sled. No one knew that it was important or that it mattered and unfortunately, it gets thrown on the fire. Had he registered his things on perhaps that wouldn’t have happened.

Arleen Sorkin is Harley Quinn vs BatmanThis site is a way to showcase your collections and honor the collections of friends and family who may have passed on. On this site you can meet other collectors and start groups for trading. Have fun with this site. Take your collections out of the box and post picture and videos of them on the site. No one’s collection deserves to be in a box!

Happy Collecting!